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Our auditing includes:

Get your first 2 hours free, with no obligation to continue.

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  • Competitive bids from up to 3 competitors.
  • Expert recommendations.

"I can say, without hesitation, that AeroCom delivers. Mike is sharp, extremely organized and professional. Mike is truly passionate about what he does, and that passion, along with his experience, translates into solid results. Mike is very savvy in terms of today's market and always got the right recommendation for any given issue. Great results, great person!!"

- Alex Lyuber, Sr. Systems Engineer

"AeroCom is very knowledgeable in the voice and data market. They have been instrumental in bringing innovative and cost saving solutions to Teletrac. I strongly recommend AeroCom for your communications needs.” 

- Clint Moore, National Telecommunications Manager

“AeroCom has always taken care of our company. When we needed to reconsider our provider a few years ago, they worked out multiple quotes, explained how things would work to our advantage, and pointed us to the best possible vendor. We have been pleased with their recommendations and we have been very pleased with their assistance.” 

- Mark Ma, Network and Telecommunications Administrator